Thursday, December 04, 2008

Brian Cork's Blog Has Moved!

All Posts have been stripped, with utter finality, from this Blog site.

We have, after grave consideration, moved the decidedly inarticulate effort that is my personal Blog entitled: The Unsinkable brian cork to Wordpress (certainly nothing personal or unappreciated directed at Blogspot).

So, if you want to read about things I think about, or possibly care about, but write about, please feel free to exert free-will, and indulge yourself, with nothing less than total abandon, and point your browser (with authority, mind you) to: or,

Once you arrive there, I can’t explain what that damn tree means - or, if it might stand for, or mean, something.

However, there you might be relieved to know that I do discuss events, people and things in our world - and, my (hardly simplistic, albeit inarticulate) views around them. You will discover that I am fascinated by all things arcane, curious about those whom appear religious, love music, dabble in politics, loathe the media, value education, still think I am an athlete, and might offer a recipe.

As we near the end of this particular effort, my most insincere apologies to everyone if this is, in some way, be it form or fashion, inconvenient. You can fight me if you are upset.

By the way, I also have a business Blog that apparently fascinates world leaders and decision-makers alike (but, few others). It can be viewed and relished (if not ridiculed) at:

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork